Why you should always use a reliable URL Shortner like bot.ax

Published on October 03, 2021

Why you should always use a URL Shortner?

In simplest term, you should always use a url shortner as a placeholder.

Because destination urls needs to change/update over time, but spreading your link throughout internet for traffic is not so easy, without being spammy.

So what is a URL Shortening service?

A URL shortner like https://incises.com , which uses dedicated domains like https://bot.ax or https://pike.link makes your long ugly link into a sweet, small link that you can remember easily and share. 

In fact Premium service like ours does way more than just giving you random value in shorten url, you can choose your shorten url text, gather analytics on your shorten link, device/geo target audience, create a CTA (call to action) on any internet page and much more.


What is the benefit?

To imagine the benefit, let's consider a scenario.

Suppose you are an affiliate marketer, and you have spread your link throughout the multiverse (internet in this case), for an affiliate program (eg a hosting company).

Now one fine day that hosting company decides to shut down affiliate program, or switch from one affiliate program to another.

So, what happens to all the effort you have put in spreading your links?

Either it can go to waste and you start over again or you go back to each of those links and change to a related/similar/updated program.

Now you can imagine if number of those links were in 1000, 10000, 50000 or way more.

Suddenly it doesn't sound like an easy thing to do right?

Now imagine, if you would have used a url shortner that allows you to update your shorten link (like https://bot.ax), all you would need to do is, login to your dashboard and change destination to your shorten link.

Voila, your effort remains intact. 

Sounds amazing right?


So what more can incises.com for you?

I am sure, it has grabbed your attention by now. :)

And fortunately for us, we are not just a url shortening service.

Below are the range of feature we offer :

  • Putting a Call to Action on any webpage on internet. Let me tell you about one of our customer. During the presidential election of Biden and Trump, there was an affiliate program running for Trump gold coin, with substantial monetory benefit. One of our customer used a news article from reputed website to put a Call to Action over it. Call to Action stated, buy Trump Coin to show support for Trump. The CTA campaign was a huge success, because the overlay was customised to match exactly the layout of news website, which lead people to think it's from the news website. Profits were massive, and that's the power of CTA over a reputed article.
  • Analytics for your shorten link. In the dashboard you can see and monitor traffic, where is it coming from (country, device etc). How many clicks it is generating. Not only just that, you can also choose to embed your own pixel from tracking website to get that metric exported to your favourate tracking website.
  • Have you looked at profile bio links? Liked it? Well, our system provides that too. Just take a look at https://incises.com/u/desifundoos
  • You don't want to login to dashboard? or what to embed url shortening service in your own program? Well we have API access for you too.
  • Want to have custom words in url shortening? We say why not :)
  • Don't like bot.ax or styx.in and want to bring your own domain for your shortening? Absolutely go ahead.
  • Want to work with a team instead of individual account? Sure, we have you covered with our team system.


You might think, we cost a bomb for so many features.

So, guess what, we decided to create a generous 1 year trial to test out things, and 7 days trial for our basic paid plan.

You absolutely don't have to pay us, unless you have outgrown your free/trial usage.


- Team Incises.com